Your Local Police Probably Have a Social Media Strategy…What’s Your Excuse?

It may come as a surprise to you that even cops have a social media strategy.

Some of our friendly northern neighbors public servants are setting the example.

Tweet and Follow Your Friendly Cop!

The Toronto Police Service has determined that it is critical for police officers to be able to communicate with the public.

Chief Blair says that “This provides us with a forum that relationships can be built”. Social media is being seen, by the Toronto Police, as a tool for creating new opportunities.

The Toronto Police Service has, it appears, in Deputy Chief Peter Sloly, a champion for greater engagement. The service has completely re-done their website, added Youtube videos, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook feed.

Can we learn anything from them?  Probably…  Here’s an interesting tidbit from that article that gives us a clue:

The Greater Toronto Area is considered the highest social media user region globally.  The City of Toronto boasts 2,562,320 Facebook users. That is out of a population of about 5,500,000. About half of the population.

What’s the lesson here?  Whether it’s your community, customers, prospects, or constituents…meet them where they are!  Basic social media strategy stuff right?  Even the cops can figure it out.

I thought their YouTube video was pretty well done, too.


Hey, these people aren’t even a for profit outfit either, right?  Although it is a little suspicious that the incidence of traffic tickets goes up a tad right before the policeman’s ball…lol.

Further words of social media strategy wisdom…from a traffic cop no less:

Traffic Service Sergeant Tim Burrows shares, “Managing your reputation begins with putting your best foot forward and the next step is that you have to make sure you are listening to what people are saying. Ensuring that you are there in the social space to address the community concerns, compliments, comments, and criticism is extremely important to ensuring that you are on top of protecting your reputation and doing everything you can to mitigate potential risks”.

That guy gets it.

Now the question is–do you?  Go ahead and add your thoughts right now in the comments.  Thanks! article


  1. The Toronto Police seem to get it and be on the cutting edge. Whatever happened to the friendly neighborhood officer on the street corner? Well, in today’s fast paced, tech savvy world, your local neighborhood police can be friendly with its citizens by reaching out to them the way companies do to their prospects. Police often have a need to send a message or ask for help from witnesses to solve a crime. They can do that and not have to rely on people watching the nightly news by reaching them on their mobile devices. So this article raises a great question: what are you doing in this regard?

  2. The police must stay ahead of the game regards social media as on-line crime is becoming epidemic , i speak from experiance our local high school is having very serious issues regards cyber bullying, and it all begins with social media sites..

  3. This is a great way for the police to get information out to the community in a hurry as well. If someone is signed up on Face book and the police department is on face book there are a lot of people that have new messages from face book sent right to their phones so they don’t miss anything. Well why couldn’t they use face book to announce when there is a missing child or some other crime has been committed that they could use the communities help in finding the suspect’s maybe? It would also be nice to put fun things out there on like activities that will be going on in the community etc.

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