Social Media Definition

Social media has been a very big buzz word for quite some time now.  Individuals unfamiliar with the term social media may be curious as to what exactly it means.  One of the things about social media is that the social media definition varies as to who you ask what exactly it is.

Some individuals may tell you that the social media definition is a way to communicate socially.  The next person may tell you that social media is a way for individuals to create content that they share with others in an open space.  Others will site that you are able to get your information out to the public.  Another way of looking at social media is that it is a way to not only get your information out to the public, but for the public to respond back via the same media.  Others think of social media as just as way to chat online.  For some it is an Internet phenomenon that allows interaction among friends and the public with a variety of types, such as written word, photos, and videos.  Another individual may say that it is a way for an individual to alternate between being the audience and the author.  Many will tell you that social media is something that is fluid and always changing,  making it almost impossible to really define what it is.  Others think of social media as a way for meeting people.  Others think that the focus on social media is based more on the social aspect rather than the media aspect, making it different than other media outlets that only spout information rather than share.  For many social media is their online life, or even their life, period.

After looking over the different definitions that are given by others then it comes possible for you to determine your own social media definition.  Social media is highly personable in how you use it.  You are able to apply it to your life in the way that makes it meaningful for you which is why it is possible to view it differently from everyone else.  No matter how you finally define social media it is one of the biggest changes that has happened that affects our lives daily.

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