Social Media Definition–A Moving Target?

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I thought it might be apropos to start with the basics…a social media definition.  I’ll go first.

“Social” to me means people communicating.  “Media” refers to whatever tool we use to communicate.  So then basically,  social media means people communicating tools.

Of course, you’d expect the social media definition to vary a bit depending on the audience asked.  And it sure does, as this “off the street” interview shows…

Compare that video with this article asking 30 so called “experts” their definition of social media.

As you can see, there are approximately 30 different definitions.  Imagine that…;-)

Which one do you like best?

Now it’s your turn.  How would YOU define social media?  Leave a comment and I’ll buy you a beer next time we meet.

Mtn Jim Fisher, Legendary Social Media Curmudgeon




  1. Hey Jim,

    Social Media is the interactive social sites on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, etc. Not really up for debate. Interesting to see the responses given by folks though, shows how things are perceived by the masses. Keep that beer cold for me, it will wash the Dahlwinnie real nicely, lol.


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