Bottom Line Social Media Marketing–Show Me The Quan!

I propose that your social media marketing efforts are bullshit if you can’t accurately measure the results. 

In other words, show me the quan baby!

Jeff Bullas posed a pertinent question recently on his blog:   How Much is One Facebook Fan Worth?

Do you know the answer to that question for YOUR online business?

I’m guessing that most of you don’t have that answer, or even know how you’d go about figuring it out.

“Acquiring Facebook “likes” has become the major goal of many social media marketing efforts. There is very good reason for this because  after a fan has liked your company’s page any information or links posted will be placed into the users and friends Facebook streams increasing traffic and brand awareness.”

I suspect that “brand awareness” may be a little hard to measure…but traffic is not!

Now as alluded to in Jeff’s post, measuring this stuff can get a little complicated.

And no, I’m not going to turn this post into another lengthy, boring one on social media marketing ROI.

My only point here is that you need to be measuring.

I’ll save the lengthy, boring post for later.  But it won’t be lengthy, and it won’t be boring!

So, what are you measuring?

p.s. one study showed that a Facebook “like” on a fan page can result in 20 extra visits to a web site a year,  and one company actually measured the cash value to be $1.34.

p.s.s. your results may vary!



  1. Hey! Thanks for this very brief and really informative article you have posted. This is actually true. Facebook page would be a simple yet effective way to help your product and/or services to be known. This is also a way to advertise your website without paying anything.

  2. This is indeed good advice. But I am not afraid of a little meat and potatoes. So tell me when and where I can read the article on what and how to measure. I have found that facebook likes has increased traffic to my website via my Google Analytics account, but I can use some more pointers to drill down traffic sources and what not. Does this blog cover only Facebook marketing tips and tricks or does it also teach about other social media networks? With so many out there, I would like someone to tell me which ones (in addition to Face book and Twitter) are more worth my time and effort.

  3. I have acquired around five hundred facebook likes on my business fan page, but have not gotten a single order. So if I go by that formula, I guess one Like is worth zero dollars to me. Maybe I am not doing a good enough job of marketing. I am interested in Google’s new Plus One feature which I am assuming is like a voting system that ranks articles based on the voting system. I think that is a much more fair system than the regular Google search engine rankings.

  4. I have to commend the innovative programmers at facebook for continuing to evolve their platform so as to share it with independent developers by making their API available to everyone. As a result, I have started to see many cool apps for facebook pages and I’m not talking about silly stuff like farm or mafia wars. I am talking about the kind of programming that customizes facebook pages and helps improve marketing methods. My point is that business owners should look more towards harnessing the power of facebook. And if you are not technically skilled, it well worth the investment to pay a social media manager or developer to enhance and maximize your internet presence.

  5. Your post was very short and very blunt. It was actually quite refreshing from all the ones that drag on and keep reiterating the same subject matter. How many times can one point be made in how many different ways? I look forward to your short non-boring blog that you say you are going to post on how too’s . Until then keep up the nice job.

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